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  • Ulu knife
  • Netsilingmiut Inuit (Netsilik Eskimo) [Utkuhiksalingmiut]
  • Canada; Nunavut; Kivalliq Region (Keewatin); ; Back River
  • 6/8321
  • Ulu knife
  • Unangan (Aleut)
  • USA; Alaska; Aleut Native Corporation; ; Aleutian Islands; Aleutian Islands
  • 6/9166
  • Ulu (woman's knife)
  • probably Yup'ik (Yupik Eskimo) (attributed)
  • USA; Alaska; Bristol Bay Native Corporation; ; Bristol Bay
  • 18/4426
  • Ulu knife
  • Inupiaq (Alaskan Inupiat Eskimo) [Tikeramiut/Tikeraq (Tigara)/Point Hope]
  • USA; Alaska; Arctic Slope Native Corporation; Point Hope
  • 19/1319
  • Ulu knife
  • probably Thule Tradition: Punuk Stage (archaeological culture) (attributed)
  • USA; Alaska; Bering Straits Native Corporation; ; Saint Lawrence Island; Bering Sea Islands; ; Saint Lawrence Island
  • 26/2532
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