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  • Date created:


  • Artists/Makers:

    Hat by Mary Hunter, Makah/Klallam (Clallam)/Quileute/Cowichan, b. 1947; painted design by Greg Colfax, Makah, b. ca. 1947 and Greig Arnold, Makah, b. 1951

  • Place:

    Neah Bay, Makah Reservation; Clallam County; Washington; USA

  • Media/Materials:

    Cedar bark (Red cedar), hide, paint, glass bead/beads

  • Techniques:

    Plaited, painted, drawn

  • Collection History/Provenance:

    Presented to NMAI director W. Richard West (Southern Cheyenne) at the opening reception of NMAI's "Listening to Our Ancestors" exhibition at the George Gustav Heye Center in New York City in September 2007 by Meredith Parker (Makah) on behalf of the Makah Cultural Research Center and its Board of Trustees.

  • Dimensions:

    17.5 x 46.0 cm

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