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Tipi model

Lakota (Teton/Western Sioux)
USA; North Dakota, South Dakota; Sioux County, Corson County; Standing Rock Reservation


Niuam (Comanche)
USA; Oklahoma

Female doll

USA, Canada; ; ; ; Plains

Doll with cradle/cradleboard

Niuam (Comanche)
USA; Oklahoma

4 items
  • Culture/People:

    probably Lakota (Teton/Western Sioux) (attributed)

  • Object name:

    Tipi model

  • Date created:


  • Place:

    North Dakota or South Dakota; USA (inferred)

  • Media/Materials:

    Hide, wood, porcupine quills, metal cones, feather/feathers, horsehair, paint, sinew, silk embroidery floss, twine/string

  • Techniques:

    Sewn, quill-wrapped (flat), carved, tied, painted

  • Collection History/Provenance:

    Collection history unknown; formerly in the collection of Joseph W. Keppler (1872-1956, long-time friend of George Heye); acquired by Heye in 1910.

  • Dimensions:

    84 x 138 x 4.5 cm

  • Catalog number:


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