• Format/Object name:


  • Date created:


  • Artists/Makers:

    Faith Swan, Oglala Lakota [Pine Ridge], 1944-1977

  • Place:

    Rapid City; Pennington County; South Dakota; USA

  • Media/Materials:

    Pottery, glaze

  • Techniques:

    Wheelthrown, glazed

  • Collection History/Provenance:

    Purchased by Indian Arts and Crafts Board representatives from the Tipi Shop (Sioux Indian Museum and Crafts Center, Rapid City, South Dakota) in 1967; part of the IACB Headquarters collection (Department of the Interior, Washington, DC) until 2000 when it was transferred to NMAI.

  • Dimensions:

    2.3 x 25 cm

  • Catalog number:


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