If you wish to use NMAI images for a school paper or project where only a single copy will be produced, you may use images on this website without charge. However, we ask that you provide the following credit line: Courtesy, National Museum of the American Indian, Smithsonian Institution [catalog number].

For all other uses, permission is required for reproducing an NMAI image in publications, exhibits, websites, etc. You MUST have an invoice from the NMAI Photo Archives, signed by both parties, in order to have permission to publish. Please consult our Terms and Conditions of Use.

For other uses of NMAI images (e.g., in a publication, exhibit, or website, etc.), fees are charged for both (1) a copy of the image itself and (2) permission to use the image:

1. Cost for obtaining a copy of an image



Tiff file from new scan



Tiff file from an existing image scan / object photograph



Jpeg file from existing scan



Record image from collection database written to CD/DVD (per image)




CD $4.00 DVD $8.00


Images can be sent either on a CD/DVD or uploaded to an FTP site. To place an order for images, please contact the Photo Archives department.

2. Permission fees for use of an image



Black & white image



Color image



Should you wish to have new photography done of an object in the NMAI collections, shooting fees per object are $100 (non-commercial) and $200 (commercial). Additional views of the same object incur a 40% charge per view. Turnaround time on new photography requests depends on NMAI schedules, but you should plan on at least 4-6 weeks from receipt of payment in advance. To order new photography, please contact the Photo Archives department.

The NMAI Collections Search site will be disabled on April 12, 2018, in preparation for launch of an updated, more comprehensive Collections Search site.

Selected objects and historic photographs from the NMAI's collections are accessible via the Smithsonian Collections Search Center site. To search for NMAI holdings on this site, enter a term in the white search box, and then narrow results by clicking "catalog record source" and choosing "National Museum of the American Indian."

To contact NMAI staff about loan requests, image reproduction requests, or to access the NMAI collections, see Contact Collections.

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