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9. Dolly Spencer [4:58]

Growing up in the Inupiat seal camps across the bay from Kotzebue, Alaska, Dolly Spencer learned how to work seal skins and make waterproof mukluks. Today her traditionally dressed dolls are sought after by collectors and museums

10. Marilyn St. Germain[4:15]

Social worker Marilyn St. Germaine is a member of the Blackfeet Tribe from Montana. Today, she lives in Oakland, California, and is a strong advocate for Indian families and children.

11. Calvin J. Standing Bear [4:30]

Calvin J. Standing Bear Light in the Lodge began his professional career as a musician when he received the gift of a flute. Now, he performs music that expresses his own deep Lakota spirituality.

12. Barbara Sutteer [2:55]

Oklahoma Cherokee Barbara Sutteer, the first American Indian Superintendent in the National Park Service, led the transformation of the Custer Battlefield into the Little Big Horn National Monument

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13. Charlene Teters [4:13]

A member of the Spokane Tribe, Charlene Teters went to the University of Illinois to study art. Once there, she was confronted by the image of their college mascot ≥Chief Illiniwik≤ and decided to fight the racism of Native stereotypes.

14. Josephine Wapp [4:50]

One of the first teachers of contemporary Native arts, Josephine Wapp, Comanche, is a renowned finger weaver. During her long career, she has displayed boundless energy and a lively sense of humor.