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1. Richard Milanovich [3:44]

As Tribal Chairman of the Aqua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians, Richard Milanovich successfully recovered the tribe’s claim to the famous spa at Palm Springs, California.

2. Robert Mirabal [4:27]

Robert Mirabal, noted flute player and member of Taos Pueblo, believes music is the most direct expression for his own life and for the lives of many Native people.

3. Autumn Morning Star [3:58]

Of Choctaw and Blackfeet heritage, grand illusionist Autumn Morning Star performs a unique magic show with Indian themes and a message of unity.

4. María de Jesús Patricio [3:52]

María de Jesús Patricio, Nahua from the state of Jalisco in western Mexico, represents her community in the National Indigenous Congress and is outspoken about the political involvement of women

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5. Linda Poolaw [4:19]

A member of the executive committee of the Delaware Tribe, Linda Poolaw is a playwright, photography curator and educator. She currently conducts research into the causes of heart disease in Native Americans.

6. Tom Porter [4:45]

Tom Porter, a Traditional Chief of the Mohawk Nation at Akwasasne, is supporting the development of a self-sufficient Mohawk community that practices Iroquois traditions.

7. Puhipau [4:13]

Puhipau, an activist and filmmaker, has produced more than 30 videos on Native Hawaiian history, sovereignty, and the environment to support Native Hawaiian self-determination.

8. Lorene Sisquoc [4:27]

Teacher Lorene Sisquoc, Cahuilla/Apache, has nurtured the growth of hundreds of Indian students and helped them to express their own traditions at Sherman Indian High School in Riverside, California.

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