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9. Herbert Locklear [3:32] Audio

Like other Lumbee Indians, Herbert Locklear came to Baltimore from North Carolina to find a job. Since then, he has spearheaded almost every effort to build strong organizations to serve Native people in the area.

10. Dorothy Lorentino [3:48] Audio

Dorothy Lorentino, Comanche, is the first Native American to be inducted into the National Teachers’ Hall of Fame.

11. Shayai Lucero [4:26] Audio

Shayai Lucero, Laguna, worked with elders to produce a book on traditional Native plants when she was still a student. She turned her own difficult experiences into an inspirational message for Native youth when she became Miss Indian World.

12. William A. Mehojah, Sr. [4:09] Audio

As an elder and former Tribal Chairman, William Mehojah, the last living Kaw pureblood, looks back on the treasure of his heritage.

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13. June McAtte [4:27] Audio

June McAtee, a Yup’ik Eskimo, found a new career as a geologist working for Calista, Alaska’s second largest Native regional corporation.






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