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1. Diego Méndez Guzmán [4:01] Audio

Diego Méndez Guzmán, Tzeltal from Chiapas, Mexico, is active in the Mayan cultural organization Sna Jtz’ibajom “House of the Writer.” His writings in Tzeltal and Spanish have won special recognition by the most important art institutions in Mexico..

2. Raymundo Hernandez [4:59] Audio

Raymundo Hernandez, retired police officer, Vietnam vet, and Native rights activist, has reaffirmed the cultural identity of his original Coalhuiltec people of Texas by reclaiming the Alamo as their sacred site.

3. Linda Hogan [4:16] Audio

Chickasaw poet and novelist Linda Hogan expresses her respect for Native knowledge of the natural world and the Native vision of how the future is deeply related to the past.

4. Bob Hazous [4:20] Audio

Internationally-known Warm Springs Apache sculptor and painter Bob Haozous has spurred controversy through his art by expressing his personal vision of Native culture in the 21st century.

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5. Oscar Kawagley [4:41] Audio

Oscar Kawagley, a Yupiaq Eskimo from Alaska is a scientist, scholar and teacher, who is integrating traditional Native ways with Western learning.

6. Carolyn Kualii [4:23] Audio

Carolyn Kualii, Hawaiian and Apache, works to support the families of Native Hawaiians and Native Americans living with HIV and AIDS.

7. Iguaniginape Kungiler [4:12] Audio

Iguaniginape Kungiler, Kuna writer, oral historian, and environmental scholar in Panama, is internationally recognized for his projects to preserve traditional Kuna knowledge and language.

8. Chris Lamarr [3:39] Audio

Chris LaMarr, a Paiute/Pitt River raised in Oakland, is a rapper who delivers music with a strong message for Indian youth.

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