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9. Carrie Dann [4:00] Audio

Carrie Dann, with her sister Mary, has spearheaded the fight to preserve Western Shoshone lands in Nevada and to give issues of Native sovereignty an international spotlight.

10. Rosenda de la Cruz [4:25] Audio

Tzotzil Maya artist Rosenda de la Cruz Vázquez, a member of the Sna Jtz’ibajom cultural organization in Chiapas, Mexico, integrates Mayan culture, Native rights and the rights of indigenous women in Mexico into her artistic work..

11. Frank Dukepoo [4:59] Audio

Frank Dukepoo is a Hopi geneticist who believes that science and Native traditional methods are compatible, based on lessons he learned from his father.



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12. L. Frank [4:14] Audio

Artist L. Frank from southern California has traveled the world to explore the artifacts of her Tongva/ Acjachemen people and express her culture through art.

13. Gksisedtanamoogk [4:02] Audio

Gksisedtanamoogk, a Wampanoag teacher, focuses on sharing the rich culture of Native peoples of the East Coast, from Cape Cod to the Micmacs of New Brunswick.



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