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1. Rebecca Adamson [4:07] Audio

Rebecca Adamson, of Cherokee and Swedish descent, founded the First Nations Development Institute to support Native enterprises based on community needs and traditional values.

2. Manuel Hernández Aguilar [4:11] Audio

Manuel Hernández Aguilar is a Tzeltal Maya spiritual leader in Chiapas, Mexico. Concerned with the rights of Mayan people, he believes the current struggle of indigenous people provides Mexican society with an opportunity for reconciliation.

3. Mary Ann Andreas [4:31] Audio

As the Tribal Chair of the Morongo Band of Mission Indians, Mary Ann Andreas leads one of the most successful gaming operations in California but remembers the poverty of her childhood.

4. Haunani Apoliona [5:00] Audio

Musician and performer Haunani Apoliona is a well-known representative of the Native people of Hawai’i.

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5. Mitchell Bush [4:17] Audio

In the 1960s, Mitchell Bush moved to Washington, D.C. from his Onondaga home in New York. He leads his community in honoring Native soldiers and others who rest far from their own lands in the Arlington and Congressional Cemeteries.

6. Kapeka Chandler [4:22] Audio

Kapeka Chandler, a respected kapuna—Native Hawaiian wisdom keeper—is honored on her island of Kauai as a living treasure.

7. Katsi Cook [4:14] Audio

Katsi Cook, a Mohawk midwife and women’s health activist who comes from a long line of Native midwives, lives and works in her community at Akwesasne.

8. J. R. Cook [4:28] Audio

Seeing the discrimination faced by Native young people in Oklahoma, Cherokee J. R. Cook founded UNITY, a national network promoting personal development and leadership among Native youth.

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