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Living Voices/Voces Vivas is a joint production of the Community Services Department and the Film and Video Center of the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian. Support for this project has been received from the Latino Initiatives Fund, administered by the Smithsonian Center for Latino Initiatives. Executive Producers: Keevin Lewis (Navajo) and Elizabeth Weatherford • Project Coordinator: Nan Rubin Host: Conroy Chino (Acoma Pueblo) • Writers: Peggy Berryhill (Muscogee Creek); Ginger Miles • Project Assistants: Caleb Strickland (Lumbee); Jessica Cattelino; Amalia Córdova • Producers of Voces Vivas: For Radio Bilingüe, Samuel Orozco; Citlali Saenz • Voces Vivas Hosts: Guadalupe Carrasco; Samuel Rodríguez; Jessica Hernández; Alejandro Guzmán • Music Motif: Ulali • Distribution Assistance: American Indian Radio on Satellite (AIROS); Satélite Radio Bilingüe (SRB) • Mixed at: Mercer Sound, NY; Radio Bilingüe • CA Design: Diane Bonder • Additional Assistance: Peggy Berryhill (Muscogee Creek); Stephanie Betancourt (Seneca); Carol Kalafatic (Quechua/Spanish/Croatian); Tazbah MacCullah (Navajo); Russ Tall Chief (Osage); Erica Wortham • Special thanks to Anelio Merry López (Kuna) • Photos by David Heald: Chilkat Tlingit tunic; Inka manta; Mi´kmaq quilled box; Kuna mola; Mexican pottery seal; detail from “Raven Stealing the Moon,” Robert Davidson (Haida) • Web design/adaptation of Living Voices: Swim Design Consultants. For more information, visit our web site:  Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian Community Services Department Cultural Resources Center 4220 Silver Hill Rd. Suitland, MD 20746 ® © All rights reserved—2001

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