Great Masters of Mexican Folk Art
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Cayetano Corona Gaspariano

Name Cayetano Corona Gaspariano
Area Clay
Specialty Majolica
State Tlaxcala
Locality San Pablo del Monte
Photography by Eniac Martínez
Elena Felipe Felix

Name Elena Felipe Félix
Area Clay
Specialty Burnished
State Michoacán
Locality Huáncito
Photography by Lourdes Almeida
Efren Nava Vega

Name Efrén Nava Vega
Area Textiles
Specialty Weaving (Wool)
State México
Locality Gualupita
Photography by Laura Cohen
The Program of Support of Folk Art has benefited nearly 1,500 artists and their families. Two groups in particular have been affected: indigenous people and women.

As practitioners of many crafts represented in the exhibition, indigenous people from all over Mexico have been the main beneficiaries of the program. These groups are listed below, grouped according to the Mexican state where they live:

Northern Baja California

Campeche, Quintana Roo, and Yucatán   Maya

Coahuila   Kikapú

Chihuahua   Tarahumara

Chiapas   Tzotzil

Durango   Tepehua

State of Mexico   Mazahua

Guerrero and Morelos   Nahua

Hidalgo   Otomí

Michoacán   Purépecha

Nayarit   Huichol

Oaxaca   Huave

Puebla and Oaxaca   Zapotec

Sinaloa and Sonora   Mayo

Veracruz   Huastec

As you will see in the exhibition, many of the great masters are women—artists who learned their craft from their mothers and grandmothers. With the assistance of the Program of Support of Folk Art, these women have organized craft activities in several communities in Chiapas, Guerrero, Oaxaca, and Morelos, providing additional income to their families.

Fomento Cultural Banamex is committed to helping these and other artists continue to make extraordinary crafts and to pass their knowledge to future generations. Their work is one of Mexico’s greatest gifts to the world.