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Mola blouse with red and orange
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Mola blouse with red and orange geometric design over plaid fabric
cotton appliqué 67.5 x 81.5 cm

Plaid fabrics as a base layer were fashionable in the 1920's, but have not been popular since. Balbina Denis criticized this mola saying that the plaid fabric was too distracting, and said that such fabrics were not meant for the panels themselves, but only for the yoke and sleeves.

  This blouse is an example of ogwagaled ("changing, changing") because the front and back panels are reversed. Here the interlocking patterns, one in red and the other in orange, are sewn onto the plaid base. Collected in 1922 and presented by Lady Richmond Brown and F.A. Mitchell Hedges.

object number: 16/6366