Reservation X bannerReservation X is a traveling exhibition organized by the Canadian Museum of Civilization.
Curator -Gerald McMaster
Co-curator -Arthur Renwick

online exhibit-
produced for NMAI by John Dwight. Special thanks to Mary Longman, Shelley Niro, Mateo Romero, Bruce Bernstein, Peter Brill, Willie Caldwell, Dan Davis, Susanna Stieff, and Mark Christal, Educational Computer Specialist at the University of Texas for adding the QTVR panoramas of the exhibit. Black and white installation photography at the Canadian Museum of Civilization (unless otherwise noted) -Harry Foster, nmai color photos (unless otherwise noted) -John Dwight.

onsite exhibit-
NMAI Project Team:
Project Director -Jim Volkert
Project Manager -Peter Brill
Exhibition Designer -Gerard Breen
Graphic Designers -Susanna Stieff, Sooja Lee
Curatorial Liaison -Dr. Bruce Bernstein
Exhibition Preparators -Stacey Jones John Richardson Jason Anderson David Bishop Jon Eicher Adrienne Pamp Damon Prieur Brent Rumage R. J. Schreiner
Program Assistant -Robert Mastrangelo
Collections Management -Devorah Romanek
Audio Visual Coordinator -Dan Davis
Computer Technology -Willie Caldwell, Ryan Jacobs, Ricardo Palacio.

Fabrication Services: AAA American Flag, A. Sanchez Construction Corp., T. E. Black Studio Kraus & Sons, Inc., Victory Design. Special Thanks to Hélène Arsenault and Anna Jakobiec of the Canadian Museum of Civilization, Russ Tall Chief, Dawne Alvarado, Ann Kawasaki, Annie Teamer and her enthusiastic staff of volunteers, Mimi Scharf for her support and encouragement, Lilli Liell of the Museum Shops, the GGHC Facilities staff, and Jan Majewski, Accessibility Coordinator, Office of the Provost, Smithsonian Institution.

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