Erica Lord
An interdisciplinary artist, Erica Lord (Inupiaq/Athabaskan, b. 1978) creates challenging, conceptual work which addresses themes of ethnicity, and gender roles, as well as memory and the idea of home. For Off the Map she created a site-specific installation, Binary Selves, which incorporates a video self-portrait and the looping landscape of her fatherís Alaskan village, Nenana, seen through the artistís eyes as she leaves town over and over again.

“In my work I create an image of my world. I invite and pull viewers into the imaginary space where I am allowed to be all selves at once; it is an invitation for the viewer to unravel the illusion of one true voice, one self, or one home.”

óErica Lord, 2006

Image of artwork
Image of artwork
Image of artwork
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Video stills from Binary Selves, 2007
Digital video and mixed media