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E-nom-oe, or Dancing Girl and Whirling Snake 1973 Oil on canvas, 24 x 30 in.
Collection of Herb and Peggy Puffer
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A snake-spirit surrounds a young girl during her performance of a spring dance. In his notes about this painting, Day explained that the rocky formation at the right is the fossilized remains of a mastodon-like creature. The girl dances at this place in the belief that doing so will help her in her quest for a child.
  According to Day, the "black and white snake is a wind snake, found in many places in the high mountains [and] is not harmful [and] will dance in the wind for you and . . . [is] known to protect Maidu people. At the dancers feet are resemblance(s) of a fish, angleworm, deer, high-flying bird, a track, [and] grizzly bear. . ."