Continuum 12 Artists presents new work by twelve contemporary Native artists in a series of six paired shows. The artists—all of whom have broken fresh ground in contemporary and Native American art—work in diverse media including painting, sculpture, prints, photography, video, and installation pieces. Their themes are equally varied: contemporary events, the impact of history, the power of language, Native identity, the value of humor, and personal memories. The twelve have been in numerous group and solo exhibitions throughout the United States and the world.

Among the artists’ influences are the lives and work of George Morrison and Allan Houser, both major figures of twentieth-century Native American art. Continuum serves as a prelude to the Morrison-Houser exhibition opening at NMAI’s new Museum on the Mall in Washington, D.C., in fall 2004. While the Morrison-Houser exhibition highlights the work of two artists whose careers shaped contemporary Native art history, Continuum displays the work of their present successors.